Advice On Selling Your Structured Settlement For Cash

Advice On Selling Your Structured Settlement For Cash – So, You Have a Structured Settlement. Now What?
Congratulations! If your structured settlement is for, say, $5,000 a month for a physical injury, you actually have a $60,000 dollar a year job that is tax exempt. By today’s standards that’s surely an upper middle-class job. I had job making that amount once. Except when I checked my check stubs I found I was only getting to keep about 68%. But what can you do with your tax exempt assets? Invest in the stock market? Yes. But it is as much down as up.
The bottom line is, you may need substantial cash for any of a number of reasons that life deals you and where will you get your quotes? Who can you trust? Listed below are reputable sources you should consider:
* Companies that have the resources to get you the best payout and consumer satisfaction ratings to match
* Licensed insurance agents or vendors that are appointed by annuityissuers
* Entities licensed by your state insurance department; (see their state website)
Beware of companies that may offer you quotes on your structured settlement, but are not representing a company that offers actual structured settlement quotes. They use sophisticated internet web programs to intercept your searches and butt in or ‘pop up’ to offer you low-ball quotes so that they can get you to their conspirator’s sales departments to finish the low-ball experience.
Don’t be rushed or pressured into decisions that affect your way of life! Find a company that will help you proceed with structured settlement advice and negotiations at your pace. No worries.
Advice for All Structured Settlement Recipients
Too often we read of the college athlete phenom-turned-pro ball player who, despite years of playing in the major leagues with multi-million dollar contracts, suddenly declares bankruptcy. The obvious reason is because they squandered a once secure settlement; in this case a professional sports contract, for excesses in living large and accepting bad advice.
It could happen to you too – the structured settlement recipient – just as easily as it did the athlete mentioned above. Apply some common sense in the following areas. Try not to:
* spend frivolously
* make bad investment choices (consult professionals)
* let unqualified family or friends handle your investments or affairs
* let predatory advisors rush you into a quick “sign the !” deal
At the end of the day you need to ask yourself if selling your structured settlement is right for you. A recent JG Wentworth study indicated that the majority of structured settlement holders were holding onto their settlements versus selling them for a lump sum, an indication that they are working as designed for the majority of payment stream recipients.
Unless you feel it is absolutely necessary, hold onto your payment streams versus selling. In the event you absolutely need to, and only then, turn to a company that will offer you not only the best quote but the best serve.
Check their BBB history and run a web searches on each to ensure you are working with an honest and reliable company you can trust. I hope this advice helps you along your way.
Good luck